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Building Service Worker Level 1 & WHMIS

Learn the skills required to work in the building service custodial field. Topics include: attitudes, ground rules, WHMIS, blood borne pathogen and sharps safety, hanta virus awareness, basic cleaning chemistry, cleaning procedures overview, interior office cleaning, restroom cleaning, daily floor maintenance and classroom cleaning. Note: Please bring a bagged lunch and beverage.

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Section Location Dates Cost
BSW-101-CRS1 CR Oct 25-Oct 27 $389.00
BSW-101-CRS2 CR Nov 29-Dec 1 $389.00
BSW-101-CRS1 CR Mar 20-Mar 22 $389.00
BSW-101-CRS1 CR May 29-May 31 $389.00
BSW-101-PAS1 PA Nov 22-Nov 24 $389.00
BSW-101-PAS1 PA Apr 24-Apr 26 $389.00


Building Effective Teams

Research indicates only one out of five teams are high performing. Learning to work effectively as a team or within a team is critical in today's world. In this highly engaging and interactive course you will learn the key factors and skills required by anyone leading or working within a team. This course introduces some team models, key concepts and practical tools so your team can perform more effectively and achieve extraordinary results.

Section Location Dates Cost
COM-021-CVS1 CV Oct 25 $229.00


Sage 50-1

Set-up and use all six modules in Sage 50 -1 accounting software (formerly Simply Accounting) with emphasis on the general ledger, accounts payable, receivable and payroll modules. The job cost and inventory modules may also be introduced.

Prerequisite(s): Basic Bookkeeping or equivalent & familiarity with Windows

Section Location Dates Cost
CPA-015-CRS1 CR Nov 13-Dec 11 $329.00
CPA-015-CRS1 CR Apr 1-Apr 29 $329.00
CPA-015-PAS1 PA Nov 4-Dec 9 $329.00


Tax Issues for Seniors

Instructor: Susan Innes, CPA, CGA. Susan will explain the Disability Tax Credit, how it works, and the procedure to apply for it and backdate it. There will be information regarding medical expenses - what you are able to claim, attendant care and nursing home expenses and discussion on the sensitive topic of how to ease the tax burden when you die.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3526-CRS1 CR Oct 22 $10.00


Self-Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

Instructor: Sharon McCann. Self-Hypnosis provides deep mind and body relaxation. It can also be used to alter your perceptions of pain. In 3 sessions, Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist Sharon McCann will facilitate hypnosis and teach techniques to decrease your discomfort without side effects. Learn how to be in charge of your well-being!

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5320-CRS1 CR Nov 1-Nov 15 $30.00


Travelogue, the Series

Coordinator: Sue Vickery. Globetrotters delight - that is what you can expect from this fall's Travelogue series. Fly over Canada on your way to diverse locations such as Japan, China, Norway, Africa, New Mexico, Budapest and Prague.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5970-CRS1 CR Oct 25-Nov 29 $30.00


Think About It

Sweep out the cobwebs from your brain and come listen and think about things in our world today. A different speaker each week will present a topic and time will be allowed for questions and discussion. There will be lots of food for thought and our diverse selection of provocative speakers is sure to give you lots to ponder and "think about".

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6425-CRS1 CR Oct 16-Nov 13 $30.00


Canada and the World

Instructor: Bob Hillier. A brief look at Canadian Diplomatic posts, functions and operation, including political considerations and security. We will investigate diplomatic cables as compromised by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, the Gouzenko connection plus a brief description of historic and current encryption methods. Also some personal observations of the current situation.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6436-CRS1 CR Oct 15-Nov 5 $30.00


The Art of Making Fresh Sausage

Instructor: Frank Bast. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day in the kitchen making fresh sausage for your family? Join Frank to get details on the meat, the spice, and the grind, then get to work stuffing your sausage, and creating links for that professional finish. Be prepared to take your creation with you - dinner is served! Your course fee includes a supply fee of $15.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7245-CRS1 CR Oct 26 $45.00


Retire to the Garden

Facilitator: Sally Wilson. Join members of the Campbell River Garden Club as they explore ways to retire comfortably in your garden, discuss the difficulties in gardening in Campbell River, show you how to lay out your garden, examine the commitment, and introduce you to ways to inject fun and magic into your garden.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7520-CRS1 CR Oct 29-Nov 12 $30.00


Strata -The Basics

Instructor: Mike Naish. Come and explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of strata living. Downsizing to a condominium/strata property has positives and negatives. This is an overview concerning what you give up and what you gain. Mike will explain the difference between renting, owning a home, and owning a strata property. Topics include how strata property legislation governs strata living, who pays for what, insurance issues, privacy legislation and the Civil Resolution Tribunal.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-8740-CRS1 CR Oct 28-Nov 25 $30.00


Artists in Their Studios

Gain an insider's view of the creative process of six central island artists in their own studios. Artists include Heather Soos (wildlife painter), Larissa McLean (acrylic painter and teacher), Loris Dawn Nygaard (glass artist), Douglas Walker (metal sculptor using musical instruments), Marianne Enhorning (abstract painting) and Bette Kosmolak (acrylic painter and art facilitator).

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-1982-CVS1 CV Oct 17-Nov 28 $30.00


Walking With Your Camera

This course is intended for those who like to take adjustable, and participants should be familiar with how to set shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings on their camera. In addition to exploring scenic local hikes with a camera, photographic techniques and composition will be presented through a series of tailgate talks at the trailhead and during the hikes.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5550-CVS1 CV Oct 8-Nov 26 $60.00


Life on Whole Food, Plant Bsd Diet

Great benefit can be gained from Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) eating for health and curing many health-related conditions. The instructor is 77, in excellent condition (squash at least 5x a week). The material taught in this class is all supported in the research literature. Recipes for delicious WFPB meals will be provided, with explanation, in class.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5626-CVS1 CV Oct 30-Nov 20 $20.00


Shinrin Yoku: Japanese Forest Bathing

Join Chanchal in an illustrated lecture describing how the simple art of contemplative walking can bring healing to body, mind and spirit. We'll journey from the structure of DNA to the shape of flowers, from ancient meditation to cutting edge medicine.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5860-CVS1 CV Oct 25 $5.00


Travel Insurance: Buy With Care!

Are you planning some travel? Have you also planned for the unexpected? A health emergency outside the province can drain your retirement nest-egg. In this course, you will learn how to find a suitable travel policy and gain peace of mind.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5901-CVS1 CV Oct 11 $5.00


Old Growth Forests: What's Left?

Vancouver Island old growth forests are disappearing at the rate of 34 football fields a day. Mark Worthing, a naturalist and journalist, and Galen Armstrong, an environmental educator and back country ranger, know these forests and are well placed to shed light on their importance. Both now work with Sierra Club BC. This will be an informative class with time for questions.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6321-CVS1 CV Oct 17 $5.00


Geology of Vancouver Island

This course is an introduction to the geology of Vancouver Island for the lay person. We will look into the types of rock that make up our island, where they originated, when and how it all got put together, and what economic mineral deposits formed. We will discuss aspects of the active seismic region in which we live and look at what history tells us of the earthquake and tsunami risks.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6331-CVS1 CV Oct 31-Nov 21 $20.00


Tsolum: Wild River in Recovery

The Tsolum River flows from Mount Washington and joins the Puntledge River before emptying into the K'omoks Estuary. The river meanders 45 kilometres through rural areas and city neighbourhoods. An abandoned copper mine on the mountain polluted the river with toxic acid mine drainage for 40 years. The mine was capped in 2009. Learn about the problem, the solution, the recovery efforts and this amazing river.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6340-CVS1 CV Oct 24-Nov 28 $30.00


Working with Ancient Murrelets

Learn about Bela's exciting work as a volunteer, banding chicks of Ancient Murrelets on Lime Stone Island, Haida Gwaii. These fascinating sea birds are declining, but we used to have them here on our own Island coast.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6382-CVS1 CV Oct 25 $5.00


People Types and Tiger Stripes

Myers-Briggs Type Theory is based on Jungian psychology and describes inborn preferences for various ways of seeing the world and operating in it. The preferences describe opposite strengths. Understanding these allows us to reflect on our own filters and those of the people around us. This focus can show us how to maximize our own talents as well as accommodate and appreciate the differing gifts of others.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6605-CVS1 CV Oct 30-Nov 27 $25.00


Buddhism And Dzogchen-21st Century

A basic study of Buddhism as a synergistically Integrated educational system. The focus will be on the Wisdom /Compassion traditions through Study/Practice. Patterns that connect Meditation, Contemplation, and Realization. Qualities of self reflective awareness becoming the Altruistic mind of Enlightenment. The Dzogchen symbol for Mind is the mirror! Understanding the qualities of reflections, the conceptual structure of Mind can be known! The paradoxes of change become the paradigms evolution!

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6680-CVS1 CV Oct 24-Nov 28 $60.00


Strata Basics -Know the Good, Bad & Ugly

Downsizing to a strata property has positives and negatives. Thinking of buying, or already a Strata Owner, this course will guide you through the things you need to know and the questions you need to ask. Topics covered: Owner's rights and obligations according to strata legislation, governance, who pays for what, insurance issues, privacy legislation and how you can ensure you are being treated fairly, and the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7040-CVS1 CV Oct 29-Nov 19 $20.00


History of Beer Part 1

This course, the first of two parts, investigates the relationship that humanity has had with beer from the dawn of civilization to the Industrial Revolution. Along the way, we will explore beer's central role in the economy, religion and art of ancient societies, the move from medieval kitchens to monasteries to brewing guilds, and the first industrial brewers. A course material fee of $10 will be collected at the first class.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7353-CVS1 CV Oct 15-Dec 3 $50.00


Preparing Your Garden for Winter

As fall arrives and the garden is winding down from the busy growing season, there are still chores to do before winter weather arrives. Learn what you should do for your garden now, whether you are an ornamental or year-round vegetable gardener.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7525-CVS1 CV Oct 11 $10.00


Classical Music in 21st Century

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Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-8901-CVS1 CV Oct 20 $15.00


The Maritimes.Much More Than Fiddles

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Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9002-CVS1 CV Oct 19 $6.00


This Northern Life: Stories on Film

This filmmaker documents stories of Inuit youth traversing the Nunavik tundra and a Labradorian Inuit community resisting the development of a Hydro Dam at Muskrat Falls. Her professional and personal journey unpacks what it means as a cultural outsider to share intimate moments of struggle and perseverance. Video clips highlight how resilience results from environmental grief, ancestral connections to the land, and the power of the collective.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9003-CVS1 CV Oct 26 $6.00


Where Earth Shows Its Bones: W Nfld

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Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9004-CVS1 CV Nov 2 $6.00


Emergency Child Care First Aid With CPR Level B

This course is designed for parents and caregivers of children up to eight years of age. Topics include: recognition of home hazards, accident prevention, and safety education. Skills focus on respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding management and common first aid situations. This course is acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Child Care Facilities Licensing Board. Certification period is three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level B is recommended.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Feb 1 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS2 CR Apr 25 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Jun 13 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Aug 8 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Oct 27 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS2 CV Dec 8 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Mar 8 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV May 24 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Aug 9 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS2 PA Nov 23 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Feb 8 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA May 2 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS2 PA Jun 20 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Aug 15 $105.00


Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR Level C

This is a comprehensive first aid course for those who require the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with life-threatening situations and to give assistance to people in physical distress. The RC Standard First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. Includes all of the content of the Emergency First Aid course (FAC 020) plus injuries due to heat and cold, medical conditions, bone and joint injuries, head and spinal injuries. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Dec 2-Dec 3 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Jan 27-Jan 28 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS2 CR Mar 30-Mar 31 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Jun 9-Jun 10 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Aug 11-Aug 12 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Oct 21-Oct 22 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Feb 13-Feb 14 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS2 CV Apr 7-Apr 8 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Jul 14-Jul 15 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS2 PA Nov 30-Dec 1 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jan 25-Jan 26 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS2 PA Apr 4-Apr 5 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jun 6-Jun 7 $170.00


Marine Basic First Aid & CPR C

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Prerequisite(s): Some previous knowledge of First Aid/ CPR is recommended, but not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-082-CRS1 CR Oct 29-Oct 30 $170.00
FAC-082-CRS2 CR Dec 4-Dec 5 $170.00
FAC-082-CRS2 CR Jan 22-Jan 23 $170.00
FAC-082-CRS3 CR Mar 4-Mar 5 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS1 CV Oct 23-Oct 24 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Nov 14-Nov 15 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS1 CV Feb 18-Feb 19 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Apr 27-Apr 28 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA Jan 18-Jan 19 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS2 PA Mar 7-Mar 8 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA May 9-May 10 $170.00
FAC-082-UCS1 UC Nov 16-Nov 17 $180.00
FAC-082-UCS1 UC Feb 22-Feb 23 $190.00
FAC-082-UCS2 UC Apr 18-Apr 19 $190.00


Forklift Operator

Receive thorough training that meets or exceeds all WorkSafe BC and CSA regulations and standards. Each student will be evaluated and those able to demonstrate a minimum level of operational competence receive an Ives & Associates document of successful program completion. Note: Ask for information sheet when registering.

Prerequisite(s): Must be 16 years of age and have, or have had, a driver's license.

Section Location Dates Cost
FLO-010-CRS3 CR Oct 19 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Nov 16 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Dec 14 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Jan 18 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Feb 22 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS6 CR Mar 21 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS7 CR Apr 25 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS1 CR May 23 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS2 CR Jun 20 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS1 CR Jul 18 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS2 PA Nov 16 $275.00


Fused Copper & Silver Rings

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Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1200-CRS1 CR Nov 3 $120.00


Fused Copper & Silver Earrings

Bring your creativity to create 2 pairs of one-of-a-kind copper earrings with sterling silver fused on top in this beginner-friendly course. Using an application of texture or patina and technique for torch method fusing, you will be able to make the sterling silver and copper earrings very unique. You will also learn to create your own sterling silver ear wires to compliment your design. This is a great course to improve your soldering and fabricating skills while learning new fusing techniques. Please note: materials are provided and included in the price. See the supply list online for additional items you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1201-CRS1 CR Oct 19 $120.00


Nature Casting-Lost Wax

Create exquisite lost wax cast pieces, using Mother Nature as your guide, in this unique one day course. This course will use actual pieces of flora and fauna to allow you to create a pendant to take home with you. All levels welcome. Note: materials are provided and included in the price. See the supply list online for additional items you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1238-CRS1 CR Oct 26-Oct 27 $211.00


Designer Sterling Silver Earrings

Using sterling silver plate and wire, learn tips and techniques to fabricate designer earrings - without soldering. You will saw, pierce, punch, texturize, file, patina and polish the silver plate into interesting earring components. By combining those pieces with three different styles of silver wire earring hooks, you will create six pairs of beautiful earrings. A great course for beginners. Note: materials are provided and included in the price. See the supply list online for additional items you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1247-CRS1 CR Nov 2 $199.00


Drawing: The Basics

Explore basic drawing techniques with artist Clive Powsey. Learn to accurately draw what you see with line and then render light and shade on form with shading and hatching. Informal perspective and measuring of angles and proportions will be considered. Planar drawing, modular drawing, and shading and separating the effect of local colour from light and shade on form will also be covered. Subject matter will include still life, architecture, machinery, the face and the figure (including drawing from life). Instructor: Clive Powsey Note: Request a supply list when registering.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1410-CVS1 CV Oct 15-Nov 19 $169.00


Watercolours: Outside the Lines

Learn how to bravely express yourself through watercolours by letting go and letting the paint flow. Share in a class of humour, enthusiasm, and knowledge in a friendly, accepting environment. A course for beginners. Instructor: Teresa Knight Note: Request a supply list at time of registration.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1524-CVS1 CV Nov 2-Nov 16 $99.00


Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Enjoy learning to paint with this colourful, versatile, water-soluble medium. The instructor explains the basics of acrylic paint, brushes and painting surfaces. She will introduce you to key elements such as colour mixing, value and painting techniques. The class will include demonstrations and practice in looking at building up layers and abstract backgrounds, flowers up close, and landscapes and natural elements. In a relaxed environment, the instructor will provide group and individual instruction to encourage and inspire the beginner. Request a supply list at time of registration.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1535-CVS1 CV Oct 8-Nov 26 $179.00


Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting

Are you drawn to the beauty of Chinese art? In this fun and hands on art workshop you will be introduced to both traditional and contemporary Chinese Brush Painting. Students will learn about ink, rice paper, colour, composition and aesthetic principles of Chinese Brush Painting. In addition, students learn how to make special texture on rice paper by using non-traditional materials. Instruction will include instructor demonstrations, lecture, slide presentation and plenty one-on-one time with you. At the end, students will be encouraged to explore your personal style on rice paper by using this ancient medium. Some experience in painting will help, but is not necessary. Supply list available at Registration Office.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1565-CVS1 CV Oct 19 $90.00


Spanish Conversation for Beginners Lvl 2

Students strengthen knowledge acquired in level 1 in this fun & interactive class. Learn to speak in a more detailed way about daily life, family, work, and hobbies. You will be able to carry on a simple conversation after this course.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-2471-CVS1 CV Oct 29-Dec 5 $220.00


Public Speaking: Transform Nerves & Speak With Power

This workshop teaches practical skills to shift nervous thinking into present moment engagement, access vocal power and range, communicate with clear intention, bring language to life, and speak to the hearts of your listeners. It combines information-packed content with opportunity for practice and 1-1 coaching within an encouraging learning environment that honors individual learning styles, preferences, and comfort zones.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-3082-CVS1 CV Oct 12 $138.00


Personal Enrichment

Planning & preparing sessions for ADSS students focusing on food security & healthy foods.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-5610-PAS1 PA Oct 9-Dec 18  


Mortgage 101 - Buying a Home

As we all know "knowledge is power" so if you are a first time home buyer or someone who wants to learn more about mortgages before purchasing again, we invite you to join us for this informative 2 night course. The instructor will cover a wide variety of topics included types of mortgages, key terminology, fixed and variable rates, CMHC insurance, special programs and grants available from Provincial and Federal sources and much more. You will leave feeling ready to negotiate the best mortgage.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-7001-CVS1 CV Oct 30-Nov 6 $85.00


Market Gardener Program Info Session

This informative info session will provide prospective students with a comprehensive overview of the Market Gardener Program, and a chance to meet the instructor teaching the program.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-7580-CVS1 CV Oct 29  


Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS)

Gain the knowledge and skills required to operate small, non-pleasure vessels operating within 25 miles of shore (formerly MED A3). Topics include maritime hazards and emergencies, emergency response, firefighting, lifesaving equipment, abandonment, personal survival, signaling devices and rescue response. The goal of the course is to assist you in responding to marine emergencies in the coastal area.


Domestic Vessel Safety (DVS)

In addition to topics covered by the Basic Safety (SDV-BS) course, this Transport Canada approved course enables you to learn safety-related skills associated with small boat operation and ensuring the safety of passengers. These skills include assisting passengers to survive an emergency, maintenance of safety equipment, and safety record keeping. Note: Bring a towel and bathing suit for pool exercises.

Section Location Dates Cost
MED-032-CRS2 CR Oct 21-Oct 24 $690.00
MED-032-CRS3 CR Nov 18-Nov 21 $690.00
MED-032-CRS4 CR Dec 2-Dec 5 $690.00
MED-032-CRS5 CR Dec 19-Dec 22 $690.00
MED-032-CRS1 CR Jan 20-Jan 23 $690.00
MED-032-CRS2 CR Feb 4-Feb 7 $690.00
MED-032-CRS3 CR Mar 13-Mar 16 $690.00
MED-032-CRS4 CR Apr 6-Apr 9 $690.00
MED-032-CRS5 CR Apr 20-Apr 23 $690.00
MED-032-CRS1 CR May 11-May 14 $695.00
MED-032-UCS1 UC Feb 29-Mar 3 $690.00


Vehicle Inspector

This course prepares trade-qualified mechanics for the Authorized Vehicle Inspector (AVI) certification. Upon completion, students will be able to perform inspections on private and commercial vehicles according to specifications and responsibilities described in the Vehicle Inspection Manual and the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. AVIs help maintain road safety and ensure compliant and safe vehicles are operating on BC roadways.

Prerequisite(s): Participants must hold a B.C. Trade Qualification or an Inter-provincial Red-Seal Certificate in at least one of the following: Automotive Service Technician, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic, Commercial Trailer Mechanic, or Motorcycle Mechanic. Apprentices who have reached Level 4 in any of the above trades may also participate in the course, but will not receive their Inspectors Certificate until they become certified mechanics.

Section Location Dates Cost
MVI-010-CRS1 CR Oct 25-Oct 27 $609.00
MVI-010-CRS1 CR Mar 13-Mar 15 $609.00
MVI-010-CRS1 CR May 22-May 24 $609.00


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Training Course

Gain the knowledge and skills required to operate small commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, up to five gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal, class 2 or a sheltered waters voyage, and for fishing vessels up to 15 gross tonnage or 12 meters overall length engaged on a near coastal, class 2 (including an inland voyage on Lake Superior or Lake Huron) or a sheltered waters voyage.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Oct 7-Oct 10 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS3 CR Oct 28-Oct 31 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS4 CR Nov 21-Nov 24 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS5 CR Dec 9-Dec 12 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Jan 13-Jan 16 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS3 CR Feb 3-Feb 6 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS5 CR Mar 9-Mar 12 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS4 CR Mar 26-Mar 29 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS6 CR Apr 14-Apr 17 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS1 CR May 4-May 7 $569.00
NAU-005-UCS1 UC Feb 24-Feb 27 $569.00


Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime

This seven-hour course will prepare you for the Department of Communications examination for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) (ROC-M).

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-016-CRS2 CR Oct 26 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS3 CR Nov 2 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS5 CR Dec 6 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS4 CR Dec 14 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS2 CR Jan 18 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS3 CR Feb 8 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS4 CR Mar 7 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS5 CR Mar 31 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS6 CR Apr 18 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS1 CR May 9 $219.00
NAU-016-UCS1 UC Feb 28 $219.00


Ship Construction & Stability Level 3 (SCS 3)

This course prepares students for Transport Canada examination on Ship Construction and Stability Level 3, as required towards Master 150 and 500 Gross Tonnage certification. Students will learn about the design and construction of various types of vessels and be able to perform stability calculations and interpret data from hydrostatic tables and curves. The courses covers topics such as stability and construction terminology; transverse stability and trim calculations, stability data for vessels and tugs; survivability of the vessel in case of flooding and damage control; and maintaining watertight integrity.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-023-CRS1 CR Oct 16-Nov 15 $2295.00


Occupational First Aid Level 1

Learn CPR, choking and hemorrhage control and minor wound care according to WSBC Regulations, Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 - 3.21). This WorkSafeBC course is an excellent entry level WSBC First Aid course that is a recognized by local industry. Certification is by WSBC and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be at least 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent/ guardian signed waiver. Picture identification must be brought to the 1st class.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-010-CRS4 CR Nov 27 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS6 CR Feb 26 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS7 CR Apr 29 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS1 CR Jul 8 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS2 CV Jan 14 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS3 CV Mar 31 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Jun 15 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Aug 20 $95.00
OFA-010-PAS2 PA Nov 20 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS2 PA Feb 20 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS3 PA Apr 22 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS1 PA Jun 3 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS1 PA Aug 19 $150.00
OFA-010-PHS2 PH Oct 28 $95.00
OFA-010-UCS1 UC Nov 21 $175.00
OFA-010-UCS1 UC Feb 21 $175.00
OFA-010-UCS2 UC Apr 23 $175.00


Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement

This course is for OFA 010 or OFA 020 certified first aid attendants that work in environments requiring Transportation Endorsement in addition to their Occupational First Aid Level 1 or 2, according to WSBC Regulations Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 to 3.21). Students will be required to complete an NIC Waiver form at the first class. Certificate is by WSBC and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be at least 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent/ guardian signed waiver. Picture identification and current OFA Level 1 or 2 Certificate must be brought to class.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-015-CVS1 CV Jan 15 $115.00
OFA-015-PHS1 PH Oct 29 $115.00


Occupational First Aid Level 3

This course meets WorkSafe BC requirements for First Aid Attendants in BC and according to WSBC Regulations Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 - 3.21). The Occupational First Aid Level 3 course is offered with the objective of qualifying candidates for certification as Level 3 First Aid Attendants in industry. Instruction includes: anatomy and physiology; injury and body response; resuscitation- oxygen therapy; wounds and bleeding; thermal, joint, spinal and eye injuries; fractures, bandaging; immobilization; transportation; recording and reporting accidents and injuries. An NIC waiver form will be required to be filled out at class. Certification is by WSBC and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent / guardian signed waiver. Pre-reading and homework required, contact First Aid Dept at 250-334-5092 to arrange to get course materials.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-030-CVS1 CV Oct 28-Nov 8 $750.00
OFA-030-CVSI CV Jan 27-Feb 7 $750.00
OFA-030-CVS1 CV May 4-May 15 $750.00


Occupational First Aid Level 3 Renewal

This course is for Occupational First Aid Level 3 First Aid attendants who prefer not to take the full OFA 030 course, but would like to attend a few classes as a refresher before challenging the Level 3 exam. Homework assignments must be completed before the first class. Note: This course is offered in accordance with WSBC Regulations Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 - 3.21) All studentswill be required to complete an NIC waiver form. Certification is by WSBC for a period of three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must have or have had a WSBC Occupational First Aid Level 3 ticket or equivalent certification (i.e.: EMP 76 Hour Advanced WorkPlace Level 3 Supplement ticket). Students under 19 years of age require a parent/ guardian signed wavier. Pre-reading and homework required, contact First Aid Dept at 250-334-5092 to arrange to get course materials.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-032-CVS1 CV Nov 4-Nov 8 $600.00


Tanzania Adventures & Educl Impacts

Lynne MacFadgen is delighted to share highlights of her educational Leave for Change (L4C) assignment in Tanzania, East Africa. She volunteered with a University-affiliated non-profit to help raise funds for a women's empowerment agribusiness project. During her three-week assignment in 2018, she visited a rural primary school and experienced, first-hand, the deplorable conditions in the remote community of Bwawani Village. Lynne was struck by the heroic efforts of the unpaid teachers, community leaders, parents, as well as the children themselves.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5913-PAS1 PA Oct 23 $10.00


Armchair Travel Series

Join our presenters as they share their travel adventures to places such as: Fiji, Tanzania, the Baltic region & hiking the world.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5920-PAS1 PA Oct 9-Nov 6 $35.00


Cruising the Baltic Region

Join Bob Perkins and take in the sights from a 15-day cruise with stops in Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Experience the history through photos of canal trips, walking tours, bicycle trips, and sampling local beers. He will also share the memories while spending 6 days in Amsterdam where he toured the many museums and historical sites in the city . including the infamous "Red Light District".

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5981-PAS1 PA Oct 30 $10.00


Fijian Adventures 2019

Lauralee Edgell will be providing a look at Fijian culture and sharing their interesting adventures with photos from land and sea. They visited Voli Voli, a dive resort on the main island of Fiji with beautiful gardens and mangrove shorelines. They boarded Naia, a dive ship where they travelled around the 300 plus islands of Fiji focussing on one of the most beautiful underwater spots in the world. They visited a small village and learned how they subsist in such an isolated area. As well, they visited a market in Nadi and Raymond Burr's Sleeping Giant Orchid garden.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-5983-PAS1 PA Oct 9 $10.00


Intro to Genealogy

Join our Introduction to Genealogy sessions and start building your family tree! Learn where to start and how to research using effective techniques and strategies, as well as tips for resources and how to access online records.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-6052-PAS1 PA Oct 9-Oct 16 $25.00


19th Century Romantic Poetry

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Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-6259-PAS1 PA Oct 24-Nov 28 $35.00


FoodSafe Level I

Obtain the necessary certification to work in the food service industry. This course covers important food safety and worker safety information including food borne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing. Certificates will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue. Note: Bring a packed lunch, beverage and government-issued picture ID to class.

Section Location Dates Cost
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Oct 26 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Nov 23 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Dec 14 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR Jan 18 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Feb 22 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Mar 21 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Apr 25 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Oct 19 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS3 CV Nov 16 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Dec 7 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV Jan 11 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Feb 8 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS3 CV Mar 7 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Apr 4 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Oct 19 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS3 PA Nov 16 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Dec 14 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA Jan 18 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Feb 22 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS3 PA Mar 21 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Apr 18 $99.00