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          Payment Information

          Tuition must be paid by the due dates outlined in NIC's academic deadlines.

          You can pay your fees in the following ways:

          • myNIC – credit card payments can be made by accessing your myNIC account: Self Service > Students > Financial Information > View Account and Make Payments
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          • Student Loans, Grants or Sponsorships
            • If you have been approved for full-time government student loan/grant funding, you will be responsible to pay your fees upon receiving your funds.
            • If you have been approved for part-time government student loan/grant funding, your tuition will be paid directly to the College.
            • If funds that you are receiving are less than the required tuition amount, you are required to pay the outstanding amount by the fee deadline date.
            • If you have been approved for sponsorship by an external agency, it is your responsibility to ensure that the College has received the sponsorship approval.
            • If the sponsorship you are receiving is less than the required tuition amount, you will need to pay the outstanding amount by the fee deadline date. Consult a Financial Aid Advisor if you have questions.
          • In Person – You may come in person to any campus Student Services office to pay by credit card, debit, cheque or cash. NOTE: We do not take payments over the phone and cash transactions are limited to $1,200 per day.

          A student may be denied admission, registration, grades, official transcripts or credentials until outstanding debts to the college have been paid.

          Contact Student Services at 1-800-715-0914 if you have any questions about payment options.

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